ABC Education Consultants, LLC

A collaboration that began in K-12 education and evolved to include healthcare professionals.


ABC Education Consultants LLC was founded in the year 2000 by David A. Squires, PhD, an educator and curriculum specialist with over 35 years working in and with public schools in the United States. Over his career, Dave developed the Balanced Curriculum© process. An educator with an engineer’s mind, he tested and refined the process in a US suburban public school where over 60% of the children lived in poverty. Very shortly, student achievement grew and pass rates on standardized tests tripled. Importantly, teachers participating in the process did not teach to the test to achieve these results. In 2000, Dave took the Balanced Curriculum© process online and developed one of the first web-based tools to facilitate curriculum development and alignment to educational standards. In time, over 50 school districts from around the US and 7,000+ teachers and administrators adopted the Balanced Curriculum© approach to curriculum development and maintenance. The Balanced Curriculum© web-based tool remains one of a very few Ed Tech programs out there that was designed by an educator with both teaching, supervisory, and administrative experience. It is the only web-based tool that has been scientifically tested and proven to improve student achievement (link to evidence page).
As the business grew, new educational frontiers opened for ABC Education Consultants, LLC when they began to expand into health professions education in 2009 by using the process in nursing education programs. With high stakes professional licensure tests required for practice for all health professions, moving into that market was a logical next step.

Enhancing educational quality wherever learning happens.



The arrival of 2016 brought Dave’s retirement although he still remains a member of the organization. His daughter, Dr. Allison Squires, is now the CEO and principal member. She worked with her father as his book editor and on refining the Balanced Curriculum© process for health professions education. A nurse, former hospital-based staff educator, and now a university professor, she has seen the consequences of “teaching to the test” in her students. She has applied the Balanced Curriculum© approach in her own work and research in nursing education and workforce development. Allison has assembled a team of expert educators in K-12, health professions and technicians, and higher education as part of ABC Education Consultants, LLC. All are trained in the Balanced Curriculum© for their respective specialty areas. Mindful of the links between health and education are critical for socioeconomic development in any part of the world, ABC Education Consultants, LLC is uniquely positioned to help communities address disparities in both these areas. In 2017 we redesigned our business model to a social entrepreneurship approach. Our pricing models ensure that all our clients contribute to subsidizing costs for the lowest resourced facilities. We believe that the affordability of tools like the Balanced Curriculum is critical for reducing disparities in educational achievement between schools, whether public or private, and health care facilities serving vulnerable communities.