K-12 Education

Our team works with your school on custom projects designed to improve the quality of teaching, curricula, and work environments.

Key Services:

Curriculum Development, Redesign & Alignment 
Our consultants have worked across the K-12 education spectrum. We specialize in helping schools to improve and enhance their curriculum through collaborative processes designed to help teachers not teach to the test. Our experts can address ELA, Math, Science, and ESL Assessment.
New Teacher Retention Programs
Keeping new teachers is critical for student success. We can help you design programs to keep new teachers working at your school. We also offer coaching and mentoring services for new teachers. Bring additional expertise to your school or district without adding to your staff's workload.
Creating Supportive Work Environments 
The evidence is clear: Work environments matter for teacher retention. Our experienced educators can help create a positive work environment for your staff, even when resources are tight, that will translate positively to student performance.

Teacher Training Programs 
Have a continuing education need for your teachers? We can help meet that need through custom designed programs tailored for your school or district.

For Colleges, Universities & Non-Profits

The Balanced Curriculum© web-based tool can help future teachers learn the fundamentals of curriculum design
and helps them become creative teachers with the skills to not teach to the test
and who have a solid understanding of the importance and role of educational standards.

Already have great curriculum?

Balanced Curriculum© can help you provide the evidence that shows how your educational programming supports student achievement.