Welcome Simon Jones, PhD! Our newest addition to the team.

K-12 Education + Health Professionals 

 A Brilliant Collaboration to Improve Outcomes Across the Lifespan


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K-12 Education

The best evidence-based practices that also keep the fun and creativity in K-12 education. Plus standardized test scores improve too.


Evidence-based education = Better scores on licensure and certification exams.
Evidence-based practice = Better patient outcomes.

Meet Our Team

We are a collaboration of K-12 and Health Professions educators. Working together, we have more chances to make the world a better place.


Helping to Meet the Sustainable Development Goals

Through our partnership (#17), we focus on addressing quality education (#4) and good health and well-being (#3). We also work toward no poverty (#1) and zero hunger (#2) because we know you can't get to 3 and 4 without addressing them. Then we take the next step by making sure all our work addresses gender equality issues (#5) and decent work (#8). In combination, we end up with reduced inequalities (#10).



Phone 845-723-4635
Address ABC Education Consultants, 965 Salt Point Turnpike, Pleasant Valley, NY, 12569, USA
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